Welcome to Alistair's engineering tutorials

Welcome to Alistair's engineering tutorials at alistairstutorials.co.uk

(animations of machines formerly on this site are now on http://www.machine-animations.co.uk)

I am a retired mechanical engineer looking to fill some time, hence these web pages.  For me they are a challenge and fun to prepare. I hope you find something interesting on the site.

Tutorials are in three broad subject categories: strength of materials, mechanics of machines and robotics accessed from the sidebar links.  The pitch generally is at the level of the early stages of an engineering degree course.

I emphasise aspects which I (still do) find tricky and are sometimes glossed over in text books. The material is not a rigorous presentation of theory - for that you need a recognised text book or formal course material.

Text and diagrams are my own composition and all intellectual content is "body of knowledge" in the public domain.  In this respect I must acknowledge the following classic text books I frequently refer to for guidance:

Case and Chilver, Strength of materials,  Edward Arnold, 1964

Shigley, Mechanical engineering design,  McGraw-Hill, 1986

Den Hartog, Mechanics,  Dover Publications, 1961

Hannah and Stephens, Mechanics of machines, Edward Arnold, 1982

The old ones are still the best ones!

I have acknowledged source material for robotics in the tutorials themselves.


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