Alistair's Engineering Tutorials

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I am a retired mechanical engineer and enjoy composing these tutorials for topics that are of particular interest to me. I hope you find something useful on the site.

Tutorials are in four broad subject categories: strength of materials, mechanics of machines, mechanical vibrations and robotics accessed from the menu bar. The pitch generally is at the level of the early stages of an engineering degree course.

I emphasise aspects which I (still do) find tricky and are sometimes glossed over in text books. The material is not a rigorous presentation of theory - for that you need a recognised text book or formal course material.

Text and diagrams are my own composition and all intellectual content is "body of knowledge" in the public domain. In this respect I must acknowledge the following classic text books I frequently refer to for guidance:

Case and Chilver, Strength of materials, Edward Arnold, 1964

Shigley, Mechanical engineering design, McGraw-Hill, 1986

Den Hartog, Mechanics, Dover Publications, 1961

Hannah and Stephens, Mechanics of machines, Edward Arnold, 1982

The old ones are still the best ones!

Source material for the robotics tutorials is acknowledged in the introductory tutorial.